Serum screening service

At present, the serum sources circulating in the market are roughly classified into Australian fetal cattle, South American (Uruguay) fetal cattle, domestic fetal cattle, domestic newborn cattle, domestic calves, etc.; according to the price, they can be positioned as high, medium and low ends in turn. With the rapid development of the global bio-industry, the serum market is gradually in short supply. This market positioning and customer-use matching are getting worse and worse. Researchers often need to spend a lot of time and energy before finalizing a suitable batch number. Multi-brand multi-batch serum samples severely interfere with and lag behind normal scientific research.

In order to solve such problems for users, Excell Bio provides a "serum screening service." For large serum customers, according to the researcher's cell type, use needs and quality control standards, provide matching serum to ensure stable supply of industrial and scientific research customers.

Service flow chart is as follows:

1、Demand communication

Communication content: After receiving the service consultation, the sales staff of the company communicates with the customer the quality of the cell type, medium and serum brand, the criteria, the serum level to be screened and so on.

2、Fill in the application form

To provide a serum screening service, you can call the company's website service hotline or download the Espresso Serum Screening Application Form from the company website.

3、Information confirmation, sample reception

1)Confirm with the customer the information such as screening cell lines, experimental serum and quality control standards;

2)Customers can choose the cell delivery method (express or pick-up) and provide a list of cell samples. If you need to buy a cell line, you need to charge a separate purchase fee. The experimental period includes the arrival time of the cell line.6-7Week; if the customer's cells are modified, they need to be provided by the customer, the cycle is about2-3week;

3)The client is required to provide the control serum by himself, with the same delivery method and a list of serum samples. The company can provide a variety of sources and different levels of serum for selection;

4)After the test is completed, the customer can choose the remaining sample processing method.

Custody Return Arbitrary disposal
Custody time Custody fee Mail, pay According to laboratory biosafety control rules and waste disposal methods
1 month null

4、Serum screening, customer communication

According to the customer's needs, the bio-scientists of the company's research center will formulate cell culture and serum screening programs. After the experiment, the screening results will be communicated with the customers. After the customer's approval, the follow-up screening experiments will be continued to form the final test report. If the customer has objections, it can be developed with the research center. Biological scientist communication adjustment experiment plan

5、Submit a formal lab report

初After the screening scheme is approved by the customer, the company will3個(gè)The test report will be provided to the customer within the working day. The specific details can be agreed through communication with the biological scientist of the research center and the content of the test service agreement.

After all the screenings are completed, the company will issue a complete set of "Optimal Serum Screening Test Report", which includes raw data such as serum batch, cell expansion capacity, average diameter, and agglomeration rate, and analysis results.


After the customer receives the test report, the evaluation can be evaluated. Your feedback will help us to continuously improve and optimize the service.

*Serum reserve service:

At the same time, we will also provide the same batch of serum reserve service for the serum with better test results, so that customers can get the same batch of products needed in the first time.

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