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        Office environment

        People-oriented, caring for employees!

        We have a world-class standard laboratory and a comfortable and warm office environment. At the same time, we also open an intimate and stylish staff leisure area, giving employees the warmth of home, fully reflecting the company's international vision and humane care for employees.

        Every year, the company conducts a series of activities such as running, tourism, barbecue, sports games, etc., colorful staff activities, exercise the body, temper the will, enhance the interaction between employees, promote team tacit cooperation, enrich the life of employees!

        The world-class experimental equipment, comfortable and relaxed office environment, rich staff activities, and harmonious employee relations have attracted a large number of bio-industry talents to gather in Jitai Essay, in order to complete the “first generation of cell culture and identification reagents”. Strive for the great goal of the brand!

        Company Life

        Talent Idea

        Idea one

        People-oriented and Virtue-oriented

        Idea two

        Every post has talent

        Idea three

        Performance Management

        Idea four

        Culture shapes people and Mechanism encourages people