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        • E.Coli DNA Polymerase I(MB000-1541)

          Overview DNA聚合酶 I(大腸桿菌)是一種模板依賴(lài)性DNA聚合酶。
          Application在DNase I協(xié)同作用下的切口平移,制備探針; 逆轉錄過(guò)程中在RNase H的協(xié)同作用下進(jìn)行cDNA第二鏈合成
        • Lenti-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution(5X)(EMB810A-1)

          Overview Lenti-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution provides a simple and highly effective means to concentrate LentiViral pariticles.
          specification100 mL
        • NanoFectin Transfection Reagent(EMB750A-1)

          Overview Nanofectin Nanotechnology-based Transfection Reagent delivers more DNA and siRNAs to cells than the leading lipid-based transfection kits.
          ApplicationThe Nanofectin reagent self-assembles nanoparticles in the presence of DNA and RNA in the presence of antibiotics and serum.
        • Retro-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution(5X)(EMB100A-1)

          Overview Retroviral gene transfer is a technique for efficiently introducing stable, heritable genetic materials into the genome of any dividing host cell types.
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