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        • OptiVitro? 293 Cell Serum-free Medium HE01(HE000-N012)

          Overview OptiVitro? 293 Cell Serum-free Medium HE01 is an animal component-free, chemically defined (CD) medium that has been developed for the expansion of HEK293-derived suspension cell lines such as suspension 293T, 293F cells. OptiVitro? 293 Cell Serum-free Medium HE01 supports the growth and transfection of multiple suspension 293 cell lines, and can achieve high antibody/protein yields or high lentivirus/AAV/ADV titers when applied for protein expression or virus production. This product is free of antibiotics, and is manufactured in compliance with GMP regulations. OptiVitro? 293 Cell Serum-free Medium HE01 should be supplemented with L-Glutamine, the recommended working concentration is 6 mM.
          ApplicationIt is suitable for high-density culture of suspension HEK293-derived cells, as well as for recombinant protein and virus (Lentivirus, Adeno-Associated virus, etc.) production.
          specification1000 mL,500 mL,1 L,10 L,50 L,100 L
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