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        Retro-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution(5X)(EMB100A-1)

        Retro-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution(5X)(EMB100A-1)

        Retro-Concentin Virus Precipitation Solution(5X)





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        Retroviralgene transfer is a technique for efficiently introducing stable, heritablegenetic materials into the genome of any dividing host cell types. Moloneymurine leukemia viral (MMLV)-based gene delivery technology is the most widelyused retroviral vector in gene delivery, gene therapy due to its ability tostably integrate its transgene into host chromosomal DNA with lowimmunogenicity.

        Generally,Retro-Concentin Virus is fragile and subject to inactivation to harshenvironment and prolonged unfriendly procedures such as affinity columnpurification and dialysis. Therefore, ultracentrifugation or other multistepprotocols aimed to concentrate and purify viruses may cause damage toretroviral particles.

        Retro-ConcentinVirus does not involve ultracentrifugation or complicated procedures. Instead,Retro-Concentin Viruses are directly pelleted from culture medium with simpleone/two steps of low speed centrifugations. In addition, the concentrationsolution may also stabilize the viruses, which may provide an advantage overother methods. Each preparation can handle up to 200 ml of retroviralsupernatant (most centrifuges) and resulting pellet can be in a desired volumeto meet your experiment requirement.